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Today we got Alicia letter to us. This letter is interesting because it seems that her baby get addicted baby amber teething bracelet. To imagine all situation maybe you all should have a look at her letter.

Alicia`s letter

“Hello! I am Alicia and I am customer of yours. I have been it since last year my mom recommended your production because she uses it for a long time and are very happy about it. I was with skeptical point of view about amber productions but after my mom told that is really natural Baltic amber, told about its origin and effect to other people and after this I surf the net and found lot of interesting information about amber. I feel that I first fall in love with those products made from natural Baltic amber. Time goes by and I forget a little about amber. But when my little child started his teething period I remembered it again! I have been read that amber teething necklaces, bracelets or anklets could help somehow in this situation. Everyone told me that I should buy it and see how it works. And guess what!? It works! I bought for my baby amber teething bracelet and after two weeks I could not take it from her. Because all the times that I tried to take it even to clean it she starts screaming! Only with a bracelet on her hand she is happy, calm and charming because that bracelet really suits her.  I could take it of when she is sleeping but I put that bracelet near her bed that when she wake up she could see that bracelet is still here and any time she could wear it again. I start thinking that she fell in love with amber teething bracelet like I do some time ago with natural Baltic amber products.”

As you can see that amber products positive effect can be felt by yourself or by other relatives. Before buying amber necklaces, bracelets, anklets you should know the right size.

amber bracelet

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We have another letter from our customer George ! That is amazing and we love to share this letter with you all !

George`s letter

Have you ever thought about how hard is to choose a present for a girl who always lost things? I had this chance on my own experience. Everything started when my girlfriend lost a watch, which I bought for her birthday. Then next birtdhay I did the same and this lost phenomenon happened again! I could not believe that this can be for real. I was wrong. Next birthday I bought her a necklace. Guess what! It happened again – she lost it too. Then I tried to be smarter. I bought her bracelet only for that she is still with me. That was friendship bracelet. Classic braided friendship bracelet with her name.  And YES you are right, she lost it too! I lost my optimism to find anything else for her that she cannot lose. But one day surfing the net I found an article on one friendship bracelets site about its wearing rules. This got my attention and after reading that’ in Baltic states amber bracelets was given to the sailors by their wives because sea returns  amber to the coast as she must return the man to the coast. Now amber friendship bracelet is given for the leaving person to return Then I thought that maybe if I will gift her this kind of bracelet, following the rules, maybe lost bracelet will come back somehow  because me and my girlfriend will have the same bracelets. Or maybe I can gift to her my bracelet then. And it works! I bought her memory wire friendship bracelets Calm. Now she got that bracelet for a week and it is awesome! A real miracle! Now I start thinking that maybe she cannot lost it because we have the same bracelets and the relation is so strong.

I can recommend these bracelets for people who lost everything often or want that other person be with them for a long time. Also, where I found wearing rules I found and information about what to do when you lost bracelets. Cool!


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Baltic amber teething necklaces and bracelets from Lithuania

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