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Our client Kate wrote to us a warm letter and want to share it with everyone.


Kate`s letter

Two months ago I was looking for something new, original and warm. I was looking for me and my best friend a gift to show our close emotional relation. My best friend name is Angela and we are together since 1991. We understand bets each other. We know our secrets, future plans. I am really happy having a friendship like this and I really appreciate it.

Surfing the net I want to buy her something what best shows our relation. I was thinking about friendship bracelets but at the same time I wanted something original. And my wish come true – I found friendship bracelets from amber. I have known that amber is a sun stone that can warm. I have read some information about why amber was so appreciate and friendship bracelets in Baltic States was given to the sailors from their wives. Because sea returns amber to the coast as she must return the man to the coast. Now amber friendship bracelet is given for the leaving person to return.

Then I found friendship bracelets from amber wearing instructions and this was amazing! That was the main

point why I choose to get friendship bracelets. I love it and my friend loves it too. We can wear the same bracelets at the same time, knowing that was gifted following special rules:

At first, I have to wear both bracelets for 7 days, to think about my friend and charge them with my friendship love.

When I give friendship bracelet to a friend I have to ask her to close eyes and stretch out hand. Then slowly put both bracelets in her hand and whisper:

,, With those bracelets  I give you my friendship, and if you want you can share with me yours”

Then my friend should put one of them on your wrist.

And my friend chose to give my back another bracelet and now while we are walking together I the park and the sun is shining the bracelets starts to shine more. This is why I call amber – sun stone.


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