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Olive women amber necklaces are the special necklaces which are designed exclusively for sensitive ladies. The necklaces are unique because of the shape of the beads. Olive beads are polished by hand to almost perfect oval, then drilled from both sides along the bead and knitted to the necklace. The few natural amber colors are used: from dark cherry to yellow or even pearl white ones. You should be careful selecting the color when it is a gift. You should know the person’s color preferences and taste.

If you have a sensitive woman with a strong opinion and point of view you should choose darker olive amber beads colors. If you know sensitive women with an open heart to everyone you should gift brighter olive amber beads necklace.

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Have you ever deal with a problem in choosing an original gift for a man that you know for years? You know almost everything about him, his hobbies, and activities but after about 5 years you do not know what to gift. Or maybe you are lucky and you always know what to gift for him or your son, grandson, etc. But agree that everyone know that feeling: searching original gift.

When people give something to other they usually think: hope he/she likes, hope he/she love it, hope this will suit him/her. And if you know people who love getting jewelry or something else to wear, not to put on a desk or shelf hoping that someday other will see it, you an gift amber necklace!

First, amber is precious stone from old times. People use amber for different reasons. Natural Baltic amber and know is known as good, long-lasting stone that can be gifted from generation to generation. And if you know a man with a strong point of view, you can gift him dark amber necklace. It makes him feel more in a center of attention and more self-confident because dark colors means strength, depth.

You can choose round or olive amber necklace to gift. Round amber beads necklaces for men are polished by hand to almost perfect sphere, then drilled and knitted to the necklace. Round form let a man to feel more confident in every situation because perfect round sphere form from old times means strength. Olive amber beads necklaces for men are polished by hand to almost perfect oval, then drilled from both sides along the bead and knitted to the necklace. Men amber necklaces made from olive amber beads let men to feel freer to wriggle out of the any difficult situation because olive form from old times are known as symbol of best evasions from the fraudulent situations. Also other natural Baltic amber jewelry for a strong man or a man that you want to make strong and more self-confident can bring huge positive emotions package.


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Tests to identify a true amber
Tests to Determine Amber Authenticity:

Smell Tests

Smell tests are effective because natural amber has a specific smell, which is difficult to obtain when producing falsifications. After heating real Baltic amber diffuses a specific delicate fragrance of pine-tree resins. Odours, diffused by falsifications: copal – smell of “sweet” resins, all others – smell of burnt plastic.

“Rubbing” Test

It is possible to heat real amber by rubbing until it releases the smell of pine- tree resins. Disadvantages: a strong hand is required, it is rather difficult to heat amber (especially when polished) to the necessary temperature and it is difficult to check jewellery. When rubbing into other materials, amber can scratch. •

The most effective – “Hot Needle”

Test Push a heated needlepoint into less visible point of sample amber (drill hole of bead, etc.). If you smell a light pine resin odour, it is true amber. Disadvantage: a small burning mark is left – it is irremediable. • Amber is brittle – when pushing a needle, you will notice some cracks. When pushing a needle into plastic, it swoops.

“Salty Water” Test

Relative weight of amber (also copal and polystyrene) (1.04-1.1) is little less than that of salty water (1.15). Thus, only these materials will flow in salt water, while others – will sink. Add 7-8 teaspoons full of salt to 300 ml and stir. Leave a salt for a few minutes to dissolve the salt water, still stirring. Perform the test, then rinse a sample with clean water. Disadvantages: Not suitable for polystyrene and copal, jewellery (metal, beads string, buckle makes amber to sink). In order to make sure that the flowing material is amber, a hot needle test must be performed.

IR spectroscopy

The most effective scientific method for identifying fossil resin – IR-spectroscopy. Baltic amber is characterized by IR-spectrum segment called “Baltic amber shoulder”.

“Trusted Hands”

There are many methods to distinguish real amber from falsehood, but for person, who has less knowledge about amber, the safest method is to buy amber from “trusted hands”. It is ideal, if a store provides a certificate, proving amber authenticity – you will be sure about your purchase.

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