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Marilyn Monroe once said ‚Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’. What about other precious stones? For example amber. Amber is a precious stone from old times. Also, amber colors can be different that all kind of persons could love and like it. If products are made from 100% natural Baltic amber then you can be sure that is high-quality product that can be given from generation to generation.

Lets do an experiment: a gift from amber to woman and her reaction to that present. She should look surprised and happy because she will have old time known and precious gift ever. No one who has not tried it yet it is recommended to do it and see what happens. To give a little help can be mentioned variety of amber gifts: from kitchen to the bedroom. Most popular is amber necklaces: round amber necklaces, olive amber necklaces or nuggets amber necklaces for women`s.

Round amber necklaces for women`s


Round women amber necklaces are the special necklaces which are designed exclusively for ladies. The necklaces are unique because of the shape of the beads. Round beads are polished by hand to almost perfect sphere, then drilled and knitted to the necklace.

Nuggets amber necklaces for women`s

Nuggets beads are polished by hand to flat and smooth layers of amber, then drilled and knitted to the necklace.

Also, choose the best color that woman who will have this present like. You can find many of them from dark cherry to yellow or even pearl white ones.

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